Governors' Welcome

Welcome to Castle Hill Academy


The governing body have played a major part in the journey that the school is now taking towards the establishment of a vibrant learning environment, which will be at the forefront of educational innovation.  This will mean that Castle Hill Academy will share expertise and provide a focal point for the local community by working in collaboration with other schools to promote outstanding teaching and learning.


Nonetheless, in order to fulfil the governors' expectations, it is crucial that parents/carers feel welcomed and valued as part of the team.  A good relationship between school and home helps to build a child's confidence and assists with their development in school.  We depend upon the co-operation, support and involvement of parents/carers.  At Castle Hill Academy we strive to develop a relationship that does not end at the school gate; the governors aim to ensure that a good understanding between home, staff and governors is maintained for the benefit of our children.  The children at our school are entitled and deserve to be happy and safe in a caring environment in which they enjoy learning and develop the skills that they will need in life.  We aim to develop children so that they are confident, but sensitive to others, interested in the world around them and prepared for the challenges and opportunities that life will present.


Our team of governors provides support to the school in a number of ways by using its experience from various backgrounds.  We are here to provide the strategic direction for the school, to ensure legal obligations are met.  In addition we are here to make sure that the school's performance is evaluated and continuously improves and that the school keeps abreast of whatever challenges or circumstances occur.  Most of all we are here because we care for our school and want it to succeed.


We hope that this website aids communication and that you regularly refer to it for important information.


Chair of Governors




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