Welcome to the Oak and Acorn Learning Centre at Castle Hill Academy. The Centre is situated in Castle Hill Academy. The Centre caters for the needs of the children with ASD. All the children in the Centre have an Education Health Care Plan with a primary diagnosis of Autism or are awaiting a formal diagnosis but display typical ASD behaviours.


Many have additional needs associated with other diagnoses such as ADHD, dyslexia, specific language difficulties.


There are five classes in the Centre. The class sizes range from 6 -8 children.

Our staff ratio is 2/3 adults to 6-8 children in class with each class having a lead adult responsible.

We provide regular training opportunities for staff within the centre and for mainstream staff.


Our occupational therapists and speech and language specialists run workshops and onsite support for parents.


Aims and Philosophy

Our aim is to provide an education that meets the specific needs of the children with autism in order for them to reach their full potential and prepare them for independence and participation in society. We believe that all children have a right to a highest quality of education, and to be treated with respect and dignity.



We provide a broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated curriculum to meet the specific needs of children with autism.  We follow the National Curriculum and in addition your child will be encouraged to learn:


• Basic skills in order to learn

• Daily life skills

• Literacy and numeracy skills

• Learning about the world around them

• Physical skills (including swimming lessons)

• Creative skills

• Develop a sense of self

• Self-control and behaviour that is appropriate in different situations

• To express themselves and communicate in ways which that are acceptable to others (through a variety of therapists)

• How to feel comfortable with and work with others

• To be independent

• To use skills they learn in meaningful ways in a variety of contexts

• To manage change

• To think for themselves and solve everyday problems

• To meet sensory needs

• To be curious and have a desire to learn

• To feel confident and relaxed

• Community visits



The classes are part of the whole school and participate in the social and functional life of this school.  The Head of the ELP Learning Centre is a member of the Senior Leadership Team.  The children are mainly taught in their own classrooms and every child’s participation in mainstream activities is based on individual needs and consideration of mainstream pupils and staff.


Mainstream children may join centre class groups to develop social communication skills, and similarly individual pupils from the centre may join specific activities in mainstream classes, such as PE, music, assemblies, literacy, numeracy and art.













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