Missing out on lessons leaves children vulnerable to falling behind. Children with poor attendance tend to achieve less in both primary and secondary school. Therefore, at Castle Hill Academy, attendance and punctuality are taken seriously. It is vital that children come to school regularly and on time in order to receive a complete education. Punctuality, in almost every case, is a parental issue and where some schools punish children for lateness, we seek to form relationships with families to overcome any barriers. In order to meet the needs of our community in relation to this issue, we have a family support worker, child protection officer, educational welfare officer and a designated senior leader directly responsible for overall attendance and punctuality.


Where we have exhausted the support mechanisms and an issue still remains we observe the right to use far more punitive measures. This could be in the form of a fixed penalty notice or legal action.


If you have any issues please do not hesitate to contact the school office.


Attendance and Punctuality

Reporting Absences

If your child is absent from school, we expect you to telephone, write a note or tell a member of the admin team on the first day of absence. If your child is off for longer than a day, we would expect you to keep us up-to-date on each alternate day of absence, until your child returns to school.  If no reason has been given for your child’s absence, a text will be sent to remind you to notify us. If no reply to the text has been received, by the third day of absence, procedures for a missing child will begin.


Please contact the school. There is an answer machine in the school office where you may leave a message. Please ensure you speak clearly, leaving your child’s name and class.


Holidays in Term Times

The amended legislation to the Education Act (2013) of the (Pupil Registration) (England) Regulations 2006 states categorically that a head teacher may not grant holiday leave during term time. Where the past legislation allowed a head teacher to grant holiday leave during term time. The new legislation forbids it.


There may be very rare circumstances where leave may be granted due to bereavement, family emergencies and one off events. But under no circumstances will parents be granted holidays during term time.




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